Wings of Fire

Title:  Wings of Fire (Inspector Ian Rutledge #2)
Author:  Charles Todd
Pages:  306
Year:  1998
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Inspector Ian Rutledge is sent to investigate an apparent double suicide, followed by another murder all in the same family.  His boss wants him out of the way and wants to satisfy an important person by sending someone to investigate these supposed crimes.  He is also hoping Inspector Rutledge will fail in this endeavor.
Ian Rutledge has been sent to the small village of Borcombe.  He really isn’t sure why he has been sent to investigate these closed cases, but he will follow orders.  He begins asking questions, but doesn’t see any fault with the local police outcome of the deaths.  He can’t help wondering why though.  Why would a young, talented, famous poet take her own life?  Why would her stepbrother also commit suicide?  Was it a murder/suicide scenario?  He keeps digging and soon catches the scent of murder, but the trick is how to prove it.  There has to be someone who knows something.  There are so many deaths in this particular family over the last several years that there has to be a witness somewhere.  Were these deaths accidents or cleverly disguised murders?  Who in the family might be capable of such twisted evil?  Ian also has his ever-present assistant Hamish who warns, hinders, cajoles and lambasts the inspector at just about every turn.
While this is an oldie, it is still a goodie.  There is some profanity in the story just so readers are aware.  This one took a few chapters to grab my attention, but once it did, the pages flew by.  The authors really know how to get into a character’s head and draw the reader along with them.  This is not a fluff story, but one that makes readers think.  This is my third book in the series and each book thus far has maintained the mystery and thrills of a great story.  This plot had a great climax that occurs on a dark and stormy night!  This is British mystery writing at its best.
My rating is 5 stars.
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