Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Heart of Rebellion

Title:  A Heart’s Rebellion
Author:  Ruth Axtell
Pages:  347
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Revell
This is just a wonderful regency romance!  The story is set in the spring of 1815 in London.  The two main characters are Jessamine Barry and Lancelot Marfleet.  There is a fine cast of supporting characters, too.  I just loved Jessamine’s father, even though he is only briefly in the story.
Lancelot Marfleet has returned recently from a missionary trip to India that nearly cost him his life when he contracted a debilitating illness.  Having recently recovered and not yet assigned a congregation in the role of vicar, he is forced by his parents to attend some of the social events of the London Season.  His parents want him married soon and he is to find a wife among the many single, available ladies of the ton.  After all, he is the second son of a baron, so he is nothing to sneeze at and has a lot to offer a potential bride.  However, Lancelot wants to marry for love and won’t be pressured into a loveless marriage.  Is Miss Barry the woman God has provided for him as a wife?
Jessamine Barry is experiencing her first London Season as a wallflower.  She has no title, no connections and no money, so is beneath the notice of the ton.  However, she catches the eye of Lancelot.  Soon they meet at other social gatherings, but Jessamine wants nothing of a romantic nature to develop between them.  She is still recovering from a broken heart and wants to find a man who can make her feel attractive, but won’t engage her heart.  Mr. Marfleet has too many of the same qualities of her father, the local vicar.  She keeps Lancelot at a distance, but thinks maybe a friendship only may develop.  She soon begins behaving more boldly toward one man as he pays her more and more attention.  She is warned that this man has an unsavory reputation, but she ignores the warning.  Soon thereafter, she wishes she had heeded the warning.
God and His redeeming grace are very evident in this story.  His willingness to forgive when in our human selves we don’t deem someone worthy of forgiveness is shown in more than one character.  God’s endless love for His children, extended to all who would accept it, that covers a multitude of sins is also a theme herein.   The realization that God can overcome any obstacle and provide immeasurable peace to those who trust in Him is also seen.  I thought this was a charming romance, a tale of spiritual maturation and finding one’s place in God’s will with submission to Him.
My rating is 5 stars.
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