Death by the Book

Title:  Death by the Book (A Drew Farthering Mystery #2)
Author:  Julianna Deering
Pages:  316
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers
The setting is early 1930s in the little village of Farthering St. John, Great Britain.  Drew has asked Madeline Parker, his American girlfriend, to marry him, but she has asked for some time to be sure that marriage to him is the right thing for her.  Drew has decided that he needs to make some changes to his will to benefit Madeline, whether they marry or not, and requests a meeting with his lawyer.  When he arrives for the meeting, he finds his lawyer murdered.  Thus begins another murder mystery where Drew acts in an amateur capacity with the local law enforcement personnel.  Before any headway is made on this murder, another murder is committed at Drew’s country club out on the golf course!
As Drew continues to investigate, more murders occur and they continue with the same theme, but Drew is no closer to figuring out who the murderer is than when the first murder was committed.  Drew consults with Madeline and his best friend Nick on the case.  Meanwhile, he must deal with Madeline’s persnickety Aunt Ruth, who has come with the express purpose of taking Madeline home to America.  She has no interest in getting to know Drew better and is against a marriage between him and Madeline.  Is the murderer picking his victims at random?  They seem to have nothing in common.  Can he solve the case before the murderer strikes again?
This second book in the Drew Farthering series was even better than the first one!  The witty dialogue, especially Drew’s part, was a joy to read.  The banter between the characters was great!  The mystery itself was well-written with some great red herrings to keep readers guessing about “whodunit” until the last few pages of the story.  There is also evidence of faith and trusting in God shown in the story, which is refreshing.  Kudos to the author for a great British mystery!  I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing the next Drew Farthering mystery titled, Murder at the Mikado, which is due to be released in July 2014.
My rating is 5 stars.

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