Fire of the Raging Dragon (Pacific Rim Series #2)

Title:  Fire of the Raging Dragon (Pacific Rim Series #2)
Author:  Don Brown
Pages:  381
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Zondervan
Whew!  What an explosive work of fiction that kept me reading till the wee hours of the morning!  The sequel to Thunder in the Morning Calm (Pacific Rim series book 1) is even more jam-packed with heightened tensions between the two Chinas.  The island attacked by Communist China begins the surge of suspense written on every page.  Unlike in the first novel, “Gunner” is not the main character of this story; however, the President’s daughter is as she is serving in the Navy soon to encounter war.
Well-crafted military stories such as what Don Brown has authored remind us of the price paid for freedom, the hard decisions that must be made by our Commander in Chief and our dependence upon God for wisdom.  High technology plays a role in the action taking place on the sea along with the easily evoked tensions between the two Chinas as the recent President of Communist China is determined to become the new world power by obliterating the United States.
Don Brown shares just a small synopsis of the history of the two Chinas as well as where the relationship between these two peoples stands.  No matter how many military novels I read, when through with one, I am humbled by the work of our troops as well as proud of the job they do often times without anyone knowing their names.  The tough decisions by many in our government to preserve life and bring aid to any people show us at least one reason for which to pray for our nation and its leaders.
I won’t soon forget the scenes richly painted on the page by the author, knowing that they likely pale in comparison to real life situations that occur.  Fire of the Raging Dragon was highly stimulating and breathtaking.  I cannot help but wonder what I will encounter as I approach the third book in the series, Storming the Black Ice.  It is not just the plot that the audience will find intriguing, but the characters themselves as they work out their personal lives while carrying out orders from their superiors.
Don’t miss this attention-grabbing, heart-thumping action novel!
My rating is 5+ stars!
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