Guest review of "A Melody for James"

Title:  A Melody for James (Song of Suspense #1)
Author:  Hallee Bridgeman
Pages:  301
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Olivia Kimbrell Press
James Montgomery has survived a devastating, heartbreaking event that changes his life forever.  He now travels months at a time to London and when he is home in the U.S., he is locked away working in his office on his computer.  He works to forget.  If his mind is busy working, then he can’t remember what happened and thus won’t feel the pain and sadness.  It is in this frame of mind that he happens upon Melody Mason.  He is instantly attracted to her, but thinks it is too soon and that he shouldn’t be.  He wants to see her again, but circumstances prevent that until four years later.  When they meet again, the attraction is stronger than ever.  She makes him feel alive again.  He has also found God and is growing ever stronger in his faith.  He is an entrepreneur who owns his own very successful business.
Melody Mason has just discovered something terrible about her fiancée.  She flees the country to London and upon her return meets James in the airport during a layover.  She finds him attractive and enjoys talking to him.  She hopes they can meet again and get to know one another better, but her past intervenes and that is not to be, at least right then.  She returns home four years later for her sister’s wedding and discovers James again.  She knows he is the one man for her, but she has some baggage in the form of a flagging faith and a stalker.  Oh, she is also an extremely famous country singer now too.
This book has got it all…action, romance, suspense, mystery and so much more.  It was interesting how the faith of the two main characters switched from their initial meeting and then when they were reunited and how the strong one in the faith continued encouraging and guiding the weak one.  I thought it insightful how the author portrayed Melody as one brought up in the church, but not really of the church and when her faith was put to the test, it faltered big time.  However, as she matures in life, she also matures in her understanding of faith and what it means to walk with the Lord.  It is encouraging to see both main characters become strong in faith in this story.  I eagerly look forward to reading the next novel in the series titled, An Aria for Nick.
My rating is 5 stars.

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