Review of "Saving Mr. Banks" Movie

Title:  Saving Mr. Banks
Publisher:  Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Year:  2014
Format:  DVD
When I first heard the title of the movie along with the actors and actresses appearing in the story, my heart was drawn to the movie.  So one night I sat in my home and watched it, knowing that the movie was sharing with the audience the story behind the Mary Poppins movie originally made in 1964.  That movie won five academy awards, which in that era I am sure was astounding, along with propelling Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke into the home of many viewers.
I watched the movie, Saving Mr. Banks, which flashes back into the author of Mary Poppins, P. L. Travers’, childhood.  Like the various pieces of a puzzle we are shown the woman who so long ago and who still does today touches us with the hope for redemption.  P. L. Travers had a hard childhood, but also had an amazing imagination that helped her cope with a reality that was less than stellar.  Along with her, we are given a peek into the childhood history of Walt & Roy Disney. 
When my sons were younger, they would watch Mary Poppins several times in a row when having to stay in bed because of illness or some other such reason.  Therefore, by default, I too endured the repetition of hearing the movie till I thought I would never desire to hear it let alone watch it again.  Yet, the movie is as endearing to adults as to a younger crowd.  Made at a time when computer generation was far from reality, it stands today as a beacon calling out to the childlike heart within all of us.  The movie compels us to lay down the past or present in order to allow ourselves to be uplifted.
Saving Mr. Banks will remind us that there can be forgiveness given, freedom of the heart and soul granted, and hope restored.
My rating is 5+ stars.

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