Sadie's Secret

Title:  Sadie’s Secret (The Secret Lives of Will Tucker #3)
Author:  Kathleen Y’Barbo
Pages:  340
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Harvest House Publishers
Jefferson Tucker has just been released from prison thanks to Sadie Callum.  He has vowed to bring the criminal to justice that he had been sent to apprehend before his detour in prison.  He is a detective working for Scotland Yard or at least he was when he entered the prison to visit his brother and before he was wrongly incarcerated.  The pretty Pinkerton agent who testified before the judge to gain his release must accompany him until another agent takes over for her and she can return to her former case.  While trying to solve this case, he also has the task of bringing his criminal brother to justice.  He soon learns more about Sadie and thinks she might be the key to helping him solve his case.  He also thinks she might be the key to his future happiness.
Sadie Callum is tired of her mother trying to marry her off.  She isn’t against marriage; she just doesn’t want to get married right now.  Her current case involves art forgeries and is most interesting to her as she has had a lifelong love of art.  She is very interested in antiquities and is anxious to deposit her former prisoner with another agent so she can get back to her case.  However, Jefferson Tucker has other ideas.  His case involves an art forger.  Sadie has dealt with Jefferson’s unprincipled brother before and wonders if he is somehow involved in this case.  She won’t admit to anyone that she finds Jefferson attractive.  Could she adjust to being married if it would be to Jefferson?
While the ending was a little bit unbelievable with John turning over a new leaf and all the interconnections between the various people in the story, but the rest of the story was enjoyable to read.  I loved Sadie’s over-protective brothers and Jefferson’s ability to deal with them.  I thought the art forgery angle was interesting and would have even liked a little more details about that aspect of the case.  I have read all the books in this series and found them to be entertaining and worth the time spent reading them.  I’m looking forward to see what is coming next from this author.
My rating is 4 stars.
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