The Brides of Chance Collection

Title:  The Brides of Chance
Authors:  Kelly Eileen Hake, Tracey Bateman, Cathy Marie Hake
Pages:  573
Copyright:  2004-2005
Publisher:  Barbour
One Chance in a Million by Cathy Marie Hake
This story is set in Reliable, California in 1871.  Gideon Chance is the oldest Chance brother and not looking for a wife.  His days are busy looking after his two young nieces and working his ranch.  Miriam Hancock arrives from the islands where her parents are stationed as missionaries to help her older sister after her second pregnancy in three years.  She arrives to find nothing to be as she thought.  Most of the Chance brothers want her to stay, but her brother-in-law does not and he is not shy about telling her so.  She wants to take care of her nieces, realizing she’ll never get married and have children of her own.  Gideon realizes what a treasure Miriam is and how she lets the light of God’s love shine through her life as an example to everyone.
Second Chance by Tracey Bateman
The year is 1871, Alisa Worthington is on the run and Titus Chance comes to her rescue.  She won’t reveal any of her past to him or his family, but she proves herself through her actions to be a God-fearing woman.  She catches the eye of Titus from the get-go and the more time he spends around her the more he believes she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  The only problem is she refuses his proposal.  Titus vows not to give up.  Alisa fears telling the Chance family about her past as it might put them in danger.  Should she go back home and sort things out so she can move on with her life with Titus or will she be condemned upon her return and never see him again?  She and Titus must learn to wait upon the Lord’s timing and to show others Christ’s mercy.
Taking a Chance by Kelly Eileen Hake
It is the spring of 1872.  Delilah Chadwick recalls she has never lived in one place for more than a week due to her gambling father.  She has learned not to trust any man or the God her mother believed in.  Her mother died and now her father has just died.  In her eyes, God has taken away those she loved.  How can her cousin Miriam and the whole Chance clan trust Him?  Paul Chance has his eye on Delilah and the more time they spend together the more he wants her to be his wife.  However, he knows they have no future as long as Delilah doesn’t believe in God.  Can she find her way to God?
Last Chance by Cathy Marie Hake
It is the summer of 1872 and Dan Chance has been grieving for over two years for his wife after she died shortly after the birth of their second daughter.  His grief has made him surly and cantankerous.  He gradually has begun to participate a little more in the family goings on, but still keeps his distance.  Then, Lovejoy Spencer enters his life.  She has a heart full of compassion and works from sun up until sun down with a smile on her face and words of praise to God on her lips.  He really isn’t looking for another wife, but somehow Lovejoy sneaks into his heart.  Lovejoy wants nothing to do with another husband.  She is a widow at age 24, but her marriage was anything but happy.  Now she has more independence and can support herself with her healing skills.  Can she let another man into her heart?
Chance Adventure by Kelly Eileen Hake
It is spring in the year 1874 and Logan Chance longs for adventure, but how can he find it stuck on the Chance Ranch?  He and his brother, Bryce, set out for Salt Lick Holler, Kentucky to visit his sister-in-law, Lovejoy’s relatives.  He meets Hattie Thales the local healer.  Logan soon falls in love the Hattie, but Hattie refuses to leave the holler.  Can Logan give up his life at Chance Ranch?  Will Hattie learn that she can trust Logan?
Chance of a Lifetime by Kelly Eileen Hake
Bryce Chance has been dragged on his brother Logan’s adventure to Salt Lick Holler.  He has no intention of staying through the winter of 1874, but returning home to the family ranch.  Then he meets Daisy Thales and decides he might want to get to know her better.  Bryce has always been the quiet Chance brother who is better with animals than people.  Daisy is a young widow with a young son.  She has just escaped a house fire that has destroyed everything she owns.  She has survived this far on her own and vows to continue working hard to provide for her son.  Can she learn that she doesn’t have to carry all her burdens alone, that she can lean on God?  Is Bryce ready to take a wife?  Will he stay in Salt Lick Holler like his brother Logan or will he return to the Chance Ranch in California?
My rating is 4 stars.

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