Truth Stained Lies

Title:  Truth-Stained Lies (Moonlighters Series #1)
Author:  Terri Blackstock
Pages:  299
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Zondervan
I decided to read this story because I received the second book in this series from a publishing group to review.  I don’t like to start in the middle of a series, so I backtracked and read book one.  Boy, I’m so glad I did!  What a thriller!  The first book is set in Panama City, Florida, with the main characters consisting of three sisters, their brother and a close family friend.
Cathy Cramer is used to being threatened.  In the course of her former job as a lawyer and her current job as an investigative blogger, she has received lots of threats and this latest one is just one among many, or is it?  Cathy is just beginning to recover from the murder of her fiancé two years ago and now her brother, Jay, is the prime suspect in his ex-wife’s murder.  Cathy with the help of her two sisters, Juliet and Holly, and her fiancé’s brother, Michael, that her brother is innocent.  Her brother and his ex-wife had been in the middle of an ugly custody battle over their 5-year-old son, and soon evidence is discovered that points to Jay’s motive for her murder.  Cathy and her siblings are also still trying to deal with their preacher father’s infidelity and abandonment years ago that had a huge impact on their family and faith.  Cathy still believes in God, but wonders if he listens to her on the rare occasions she talks to Him.
As the investigation progresses, her nephew becomes critically ill and is then kidnapped.  Cathy calls Michael, her friend, her encourager in faith, her constant supporter.  After an attempt on her life, she realizes she has developed feelings for Michael and he has feelings for her.  Will her guilty feelings keep her from a possible happy relationship with him?  Should she even consider this?
I just loved how this family stuck together throughout all the traumatic events.  They protected one another and did whatever was necessary to help their family.  Cathy struggled with her faith, but came to realize that God was listening to her and that He wanted to hear from her.  He did hear her prayers and answered them.  The plot was exciting, the characters well-developed and likeable and the action and thrills nonstop.  I highly recommend this suspense-filled story.  You won’t be disappointed.  I’ll be reviewing the next book in the series, Distortion, on this site in the next few weeks.
My rating is 5 stars.

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