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The TRUTH by C. N. Bring

Title:  The Truth (Celia Kelly #3) Author:  C.N. Bring Pages:  292 Year:  2014 Publisher:  Bad Day Books This is another fantastic novel by CN Bring!  This time Celia Kelly is called to take a look at a bomb site as the culprit is someone from her former case involving the Pact.  Celia begins to track him and involves her steadfast SEAL team as well.  There are many ins and outs involved with a lot of the characters from the prior two books making appearances in this third one.  It was like a family reunion as I read about these familiar characters and got to know a little bit more about their lives, their characters and their personalities.  There were a few new characters introduced, too.  Celia’s personal life takes a decided upswing.  Her secretary Gwen is involved in the investigation, voices her usual sense of humor and is game to do just about anything to help Celia.  Georgie, Celia’s assistant, is also in protection mode where Celia is concerned and is willing to go to jail f…

The LIE by C. N. Bring

Title:  The Lie (Celia Kelly #2) Author:  C.N. Bring Pages:  272 Year:  2013 Publisher:  Bad Day Books This second book in the Celia Kelly Series will entertain readers and leave them wanting more!  This story takes place approximately two years after The Pact, book one in the series.  The SEAL team with a new addition is reunited with Commander Celia Kelly on another mission.  This mission is compromised and results in the kidnapping of an important American official.  The team is sent in for a rescue attempt, but encounters resistance.  How did this kidnapping happen?  Why was the official sent ahead of schedule?  Is the Pact responsible?  At home, the new guard is installed in The White House as President Bailey is no longer President of the United States.  Commander Kelly will miss him and is not a big fan of his replacement.  Celia also discovers that the $20 million recovered during the last mission never arrived in Washington, D.C.  Where is the money now?  Why is intelligence…

The PACT by C. N. Bring

Title:  The Pact (The Celia Kelly Series #1) Author:  C.N. Bring Pages:  313 Year:  2013 Publisher:  Bad Day Books Commander Celia Kelly works at the Pentagon and hasn’t been out in the field for several years.  So why is she put in charge of a SEAL team and sent to ferret out the location of an extremist group in Syria?  Her assignment is to take out the camp, including the blonde man in charge if possible.  She also has her home broken into, a car following her around and her best friend murdered.  She then is contacted by a CIA agent.  The agent leads her to believe her husband, who has been MIA for four years, was involved or had knowledge of this extremist group.  Could her husband have betrayed his country for money?  Twenty million dollars is missing and the Pact, the name given to the extremist group, wants their money back.  Where did the money come from?  Who all is involved and how far reaching do the arms of this group extend? Celia works with her team and begins to get a…

Meet Author Cindy N. Bring!

Recently you began a new series of posts called “The Strong Woman”. ( Where did the idea for this series of posts begin? What is the heart or idea that you are trying to place before your audience? I write about a strong woman of faith and valor, Commander Celia Kelly, and as I developed her character I realized how much she had in common with so many people I admire. There are so many women out there who are heroes to their families, coworkers and strangers on a daily basis. You don’t have to be in the military, you just have to be willing to be present and willing to serve those around you, as God asks of us in His Word. The purpose of the series is for us to encourage each other. Thank you, Lisa, for being one of those strong women who shared with us!
What sparked the idea for the life, faith and service of Commander Celia Kelly in the series that includes at this pointThe PACT,The Lieand nowThe TRUTH? I wanted to create detailed myst…

Defy the Night

Title:  Defy the Night Author:  Heather Munn & Lydia Munn Pages:  312 Year:  2014 Publisher:  Kregel No matter what age a reader is, unless quite young, this historical fiction is one to take time to read and be reminded of those courageous people who helped save lives.  In this writing based on fact, one young women desires to help save lives as she views the work of another aid worker bringing in children from Nazi camps.  The point I believe of the novel is how one French girl, Magali, has a distorted view of how she can be a Joan of Arc, looking evil in the face.  However, she doesn’t see how her impulsiveness places lives at great risk. As readers progress through the novel, they will see how Magali realizes in time and through experience all she has yet to learn.  Defy the Night is a heart-touching novel because the scenes were described so well it wasn’t hard to imagine the harsh conditions the Jews were forced to endure.  As a mother to read how other mothers willingly ga…

Pelican Bride

He Who Has an Ear

For Such a Time by Kate Breslin