All God's Children

Title:  All God’s Children (Peacemakers series Book #1)
Author:  Anna Schmidt
Pages:  320
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Barbour
One of the most fascinating benefits of reading this particular series is the way the author shares various facets of the Quaker faith.  Another draw to the series is the time frame and setting of the book which is WW II in Germany written in a way that adds suspense and tension keeping my attention to the progression of the tale.  While I am not of the Quaker faith, I do appreciate the fact that the characters wait for direction before making a decision.  The “inner light” is repeated in the books and I don’t agree with this at all!
With that being said, there are some good reasons to read and enjoy the story.  Watching the romance develop between two people of two opposing nations plus the way they each handle the stress of the war is compelling.  Beth has come from America to help her aunt, uncle and cousin handle the trials of the nervous problems of her aunt.   The aunt becomes at times unable to cope or function in everyday life so someone has to care for Beth’s cousin who is a child with some challenges.  I cannot imagine living in the midst of a war area, hearing the constant barrage of bombings or gunfire.  The warning sirens that call people to bomb shelters at all hours must have been like living on pins and needles along with the continuing hardship of food or other necessities while living In Munich Germany. 
I think it is good to read historical novels that remind us of the high cost of so many across the globe during war.  Plus, it reminds me to be thankful and content with what I have seeing that materials things can vanish so fast.  The heart is touched by the characters that have to battle and maintain some semblance of order when chaos is rampant all around.  When going through trials though don’t look inward because the answer isn’t there, look in the Bible and to Jesus the author of our faith.
My rating is 4 stars.
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