Confirming Justice

Title:  Confirming Justice
Author:  Diane and David Munson
Pages:  344
Year:  2006
Publisher:  FaithWalk Publishers
Griff Topping is the main character in this political/spy/government agent thriller.  The story is set in Florida and Virginia/Washington, D.C. area.  Griff is an FBI agent who is asked to take over a case for an agent with one month to go before trial.  Then, that agent disappears and with the case hinging on his testimony the case is dismissed.  The accused is the son of a presidential cabinet member.  Griff was given a weekend to find the missing agent.  He was successful in finding the agent, but not in getting him to court in time to testify.  The judge presiding over the case is one with a no-nonsense, but fair demeanor.  After the dismissal of the case, the judge asks for Griff’s help in a personal matter.  Griff agrees to begin searching for answers for the judge, which leads him to Skeeter, a recently released prisoner and his parole agent, Dawn Ahern.
So the story centers around two main events.  The first one is the aforementioned judge’s appointment to the Supreme Court after a hasty exit from the prior candidate for the position after a smear campaign.  There is a nasty senator who has his eye on the White House and will do whatever necessary to eliminate anyone blocking his path to get there.  Then, there is the personal investigation the judge as requested Griff to perform, the one trying to find his long lost brother.  Through both investigations, readers get lots of action, intrigue and maybe a little romance for Griff.  Griff has not wanted to enter a relationship for eight years after the death of his wife from cancer at a very young age.  Now, he meets Dawn Ahern and they have many things in common and he is attracted to her, wanting more than friendship.  She is a Christian and Griff is not.  Will this pose a problem for their future?
While there was plenty of action, suspense and thrills, I thought there were too many character names and relationships to remember.  I had to concentrate to keep everyone’s name and relationships straight.  That being said, this was still a terrific book!  I loved seeing several characters begin to recognize God at work in their lives or even some begin to pray to God and see the results of their prayers so as to strengthen their faith.  I thought that was a great thing to showcase in the story.  I’m excited to see if Griff and Dawn are still together in the next book and how Griff is dealing with the idea of God being interested in his life and how he lives it.  I look forward to reading The Camelot Conspiracy, which I will review here soon.
My rating is 5 stars.

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