Critical Condition Review

Title:  Critical Condition
Author:  Richard L. Mabry, M.D.
Pages:  321
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
I found another new author whose fictional tales are heart-thumping, action-filled adventure along with characters wrestling with their faith!  Bravo!  Shannon is a med student when she loses her fiancé to a shooting.  Having felt helpless at that point, Shannon makes a monumental decision that affects her faith along with her medical practice.  Shannon has a sister named Megan who is just out of a rehab center when she calls her sister during the wee hours of the morning for help.
 Megan, being the younger sister, is trying to straighten out her life when Shannon finds her life mixed up with a murder investigation.  One thought I had as I read this novel was how the two sisters resembled the parable Jesus taught on The Prodigal Son in the gospel of Luke chapter 15, verses 11 through 32.  Since Shannon’s tragic experience she has been unable to commit herself to another man, even who has proposed marriage.  She also is experiencing panic attacks when faced with doing surgery of any gunshot victim due to her past experience with her fiancé.
Shannon’s life in many different areas is collapsing under the burden of feeling like she should help, but she cannot overcome her feelings of helplessness.  Mark, her boyfriend, has a steady relationship with the Lord and walks the talk.  When the climax in the story heightens we see so does the faith of Mark, Shannon and Megan.
Audiences will find this work of fiction gripping because of the twists and turns the plot takes.  Critical Condition is my introduction into the world of medical thrillers by this physician turned author.  I enjoyed watching Shannon working through her personal relationship with God and not given simple solutions that wouldn’t be realistic for me.  Megan is an example of someone whose choices took some time to show themselves real and permanent to other characters in the tale.
Crafted well by this author is a story readers will want to finish no matter how long one may stay awake doing so.  Don’t pass up such a great book that will be fun to discuss in a reading group or enjoy turning pages while sitting on a porch in the sun.
My rating is 4 stars.

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