Critical Condition

Title:  Critical Condition
Author:  Richard L. Mabry, M.D.
Pages:  321
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Shannon Frasier witnesses the shooting of her college boyfriend, prays for him to live, but he dies.  Thereafter, she blames God and has a very distant relationship with him.  Ten years later, she is on staff, teaching residents how to be surgeons.  She has a boyfriend, who wants to be engaged, but she keeps putting him off.  Mark is a Christian and realizes Shannon’s spiritual life is mediocre at best.
While hosting a small dinner party, a man is shot on Shannon’s front lawn and dies in her arms, eerily reminiscent of her boyfriend’s death ten years ago.  That same night her sister calls and wants to come stay with her for a while.  She has had problems in the past with alcohol and drugs, but has been out of rehab for six months and sober.  Shortly thereafter, Shannon receives a mysterious phone call asking about the shooting on her front lawn.  Then, she discovers her father has been diagnosed with cancer.  How much more can one person take?  Oh yeah, she also is exposed to the HIV virus and has to begin antiretroviral therapy.  Then the detectives sent to investigate the case begin to treat Shannon and Megan as suspects, so Shannon now doesn’t even trust law enforcement.  Thankfully, Mark is there to support and encourage her through it all.  He tells her, ”Whatever happens we can handle together.”
I liked the suspense and thrill aspect of the story.  My favorite character was Megan.  She was determined to live a new life after a former life of lots of mistakes.  She has strength and a great support system in her sister and parents.  I also enjoyed the medical setting and terminology.  I didn’t like how Shannon appeared weak and uncertain when making nonmedical decisions sometimes.  It just didn’t seem to jibe with her strong decision making skills as a surgeon.  I did like that she finally recognized her need for help and sought that help instead of continually trying to fix her problem on her own.  Mark shows spiritual maturity and a truly loving heart toward Shannon.  I always enjoy this author’s exciting novels and look forward to what comes inside the next suspense-filled package!
My rating is 4 stars.
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