Deadly Additive

Title:  Deadly Additive
Author:  Donn Taylor
Pages:  326
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Harborlight Books
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from
The novel piqued my interest with the title, so when I received a copy I wanted to take my time reading it to savor the action and adventure.  I am so glad I did too!
The novel starts out slowly with a mystery of why a man has been severely wounded, taking a very long time to recover as the sole survivor.  The man is a soldier, who returns after action to face emptiness that nags his insides and isn’t easily shoved aside.  Jeb is that soldier.  He only wants to begin a new life, yet is constantly pulled back into action and this time by a private billionaire.  His goal is to extract this man’s daughter from hostiles in Columbia and return her safely home, but what unfolds is more than Jeb signed up for.  Now, along with a reporter named Kristen posing as someone else, they begin to uncover a dangerous plan to murder many around the globe through use of unknown substances.
The trail the suspects leave causes many government agencies to get involved and the tentacles of the operation reach around the world.  The author does an excellent job of setting the stage where the characters have to decide which way to proceed with many choices available.  However, above all, Jeb and Kristen are forced to face their past hurts along with fighting the evil that threatens to eliminate anyone who even gets close.
Some of the characters are from various countries and have interesting personalities along with some amusing ways of stating a situation.  Not only are the characters from various parts of the world, the weather is a factor in how Jeb has to carry out his missions.  One time Jeb has to go for days without sleep, but is able to function to the conclusion of the problem.  It is really cute the way Jeb is described in the story and yet how inwardly he is a huge teddy bear.  Kristen can almost be like a soldier when she has to and all the while hoping Jeb will soon be there to rescue her from the hands of certain death.
I hope the writer crafts a sequel to this novel as the future of the characters wasn’t shared or the capture of the head man who was threatening so many people.  I loved how Donn pointed out in Jeb’s character the truth that when all is said and done the deep soul or heart questions can no longer be ignored.  This is a great story with much suspense, action, romance and danger.  My hope is to see what becomes of the multifaceted problem of capturing the designer with very nefarious intents.
My rating 5 stars.

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