Down & Dead in DIxie by Vicki Hinze

Title: Down & Dead in Dixie
Author:  Vicki Hinze
Pages:  266
Year:  2014
Publisher:   Magnolia Leaf Press
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from
An extraordinary tale written by a gifted writer!  Depending on the writer some mysteries are easier to come to the conclusion of the story before actually reading the ending.  Yet, Vicki Hinze takes a pen to spin forth a tale which includes a plethora of twists and turns, even when I finished reading I could tell she hasn’t told the readers everything.  Down & Dead in Dixie is the first book in a series, there is novella which the audience can enjoy Down & Dead in Even while waiting for her next book in the series to be published.
The characters in this story are eclectic and include FBI, the mob, broken hearted people and compassionate too.  The main two which readers will follow are Daisy and Matthew who meet after Daisy’s daring escape from the police station.  One of her friends tells her that ‘’ to live, sometimes ya gotta die” which struck Daisy as the most unusual words of wisdom she has ever heard.  Those words set Daisy on one of the wildest and craziest journeys she had ever been on, even when her mother left her and her younger brother to fend for themselves.
Matthew is an excellent businessman and a wonderful chef, the life changing event of Katrina has left more scars on his soul than even he knows.  In the heartbeat of New Orleans Matthew’s restaurant is successful and well known.  Yet for Matthew to face the broken heart would be too much so he hides in his work until the night Lily shows up.  Lily and Matthew have sparks of romance going on between them from the moment they see each other, but is it enough to confound those who are dogging their steps?
Personally I cannot wait till the next book of Vicki’s comes out; this was a magnificent novel to read.  I read it from beginning to end in one day as it was exciting, thrilling and filled with suspense.  On top of that the situations that some of the characters found themselves in were hysterical, at times scary and other times confounding.  It would be a shame if you passed on reading this novel, there is humor in it that will just make ya laugh out loud!  Go and grab yourself a copy, sit down with a cool ice tea and get lost in the pages!

My rating is 5+ stars.

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