Facing Justice

Title:  Facing Justice
Author:  Diane and David Munson
Pages:  342
Year:  2005
Publisher:  Micah House
This is my first book to read by the Munsons and it won’t be the last!  With new authors, I try to read, if possible, their first or earlier work to try to get a flavor for their style and to see how they develop as authors with later books.  With that thought in mind, I went back to this novel.
There are many characters in this story, but the main one is Eva Montanna, who is a Special Agent for the federal government.  She normally investigates white collar crime, following the dirty money to catch criminals.  Now, she has been placed on an active task force whose goal is to bring down the world’s most wanted terrorist.  After the death of her twin sister at the Pentagon on 9/11, Eva is determined to bring this criminal to justice.  She spends long hours on the job away from her husband and two children.  As the search intensifies, so does the danger and the stress.  Eva finally begins to understand that she cannot continue in her own strength if she is going to survive.  She must place her faith in the One who controls all.
There is also another story going on that connects to Eva’s, but also has its’ own tension and suspense.  I don’t want to share too much of the storyline to prevent any spoilers.  Suffice it to say that this novel will keep you reading well past your bedtime!  There is action, suspense, tension and more in this plot centered on terrorism and the fight to bring guilty terrorists to face justice.  There is also the aspect of one who makes wrong choices also facing justice.  Readers see the support of one true Christian friend to another when she fears all condemn her.  Also, depicted is the attitude of judging someone by their looks or rumors and the resultant hurt and isolation.  Two different families show their support of their loved one(s) by word and action is another aspect I enjoyed seeing in the story.  The danger faced by some of our federal agents was something also brought home as well as some of the politics that are encountered in law enforcement.  Don’t miss a very entertaining story!
My rating is 5 stars.

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