For Such a Time by Kate Breslin

Title:  For Such a Time
Author:  Kate Breslin
Pages:  432
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Bethany
There are some novels that are written by new authors which sometimes cause me hope that another great read is now available.  Well let me assure one and all this is one novel to read and share.  In fact, when I was half way through it, I knew a friend who would enjoy this too so I sent her a copy.  I am thinking that anyone who reads this story will want to either buy a copy for someone or share their copy; it is that good.
While the story written is set during WW II, the real backdrop is the biblical story of Esther found in the Old Testament in English Bibles.  The real Esther was a Jewess who lived during the time of Babylonian captivity for the nation of Israel.  There, through God ordained direction, Esther was chosen as the new queen.  While queen, she learned of a great threat to her people, the Jews, and put her very life on the line in order to request of the king the sparing of their lives.  To really appreciate the full impact of Esther, please take a few minutes to read the biblical account before reading this novel.
The cover of the novel drew my eyes to it like a magnet, which caused me to read the synopsis which was published.  When I learned it covered a personal favored time of history for me along with the theme being how God can use one person to save many I was hooked.  I loved how the novel didn’t rush through the scenes; the author took pains to thoroughly describe the area of captivity.  The other was the slow melting of hard hearts towards love or faith.  I thought the authenticity of how hearts along with lives are changed very encouraging, showing that regardless of the time we live in God is always at work.
Reading this novel was like sitting and conversing with an old friend, listening to time long past but not forgotten.  The authors end note of what license she took to change a few facts to fit her story helped me to understand the difference between fact and fiction.  For a new author I am astounded it is so well written, evidently well researched and a book that will remain in my personal library for years to come. It took me a little time to get into the flow of the story then when I least expected it the climax was amazing as well as the ending.  Unlike other books, movies or TV episodes I wonder if a sequel or some other adventure not linked to this one awaits readers.  I look forward to whatever writings Kate Breslin brings in the coming days as I hope she is already pursuing her next tale!
In this work of fiction, the main characters are Aric, who is a Commandant of a camp and a highly decorated Nazi officer, who ends up saving a woman named Stella from being shot.  He makes arrangements to see to her care and in time she is restored to health.  Both Aric and Stella have secrets and deeply tattered and torn hearts not to mention shredded faith.  Throughout the book readers will watch how God works in both their hearts and lives through dangerous and perilous moments.
At times I held my breath, waiting to see if the characters would get captured or escape and how others would survive when faced with deciding whether to be of aid or not.  I couldn’t help but once again be touched in my heart and soul, thinking about this time period and the atrocities many witnessed or experienced.  I think we need constant reminders that we can choose to help those who are suffering or turn a deaf ear.  Many people of various nations, whether sanctioned by their government or not, chose to help even if it cost them their livelihood, home or even their very lives.
Today, we can choose to help those around us who are hurting, suffering, seeking, or afraid because of the times we live in when nothing is for certain.  Like Esther in the Bible or Stella in this fictional story we all come to a crossroad where we must choose to either ignore or decide to stand and be willing to sacrifice for others.  The book written by Kate Breslin is a compelling one.  When readers are through, they will be so thankful for the novel and remember that they were born for such a time as this.
My rating is 5 stars.
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