In the Presidents Serivce: EPisode #1 A Date with Death

Title:  A Date with Death (In the President’s Service)
Author:  Ace Collins
Pages:  155 pages
Format:  Electronic
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Elk Lake Publishing
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from
There are some people who make impressions with their words or phrases, maybe even the sound of their voice.  For example, who would broadcast the following phrase:  “Holy cow!  It’s a home run?”  If you said Harry Carry, who was the broadcaster for Chicago White Sox, your answer was correct!  Ace Collins has made an impression on me with the many works he has authored that reach out and grab the reader’s attention from the first moment one’s eyes are on the page.
In the beginning of a new series, Helen Meeker works for the President of the United Sates in 1942.  The President is Franklin Roosevelt and he has known Helen Meeker her whole life.  Ace Collins begins this story with time running out to locate a woman in order to stay an execution; however, that is not the end of it.  Helen is also trying to locate a spy working for the Nazis who is in a position of passing on confidential and highly damaging secrets.
Her job is one filled with danger, action and using her intellect to find the pieces to puzzles most can’t solve to stop a crime or to stop a spy.  Helen’s faith is at low tide.  When she attends service, her mind is so occupied with her assignments that the service is over before she is aware she is left alone sitting in the pew.
Thus begins a tale that will keep anyone’s attention and hungering for the next installment!  Each month another episode will be sent to your electronic device once you have signed up for a subscription at  Subscribers sign up for a cost of $9.95, which gives one-month access to the site or for $60 subscribers get 12 full months’ access to the site that has extras available to subscribers.
My rating of this first installment is 5+ stars.
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