Title:  Irongate
Author:  Ronald Glanz
Pages:  279
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Self-published
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from
Rich Greenlaw has just got laid off and is visiting his parents in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  He decides to take a tour of a newly refurbished historical mansion.  He recognizes a house in one of the pictures in the mansion and begins to wonder if it is the same place he used to fish with his grandfather.  He takes his mother with him the next weekend to see if she remembers anything; she does and the mystery begins.  While touring the mansion, his mother also finds out from the curator that they are in need of a part-time handyman.  Rich has plenty of time and experience, so he applies for and gets the job.
Rich enjoys history and anything mechanical, so he soaks up the atmosphere in the mansion.  He also finds the curator, Patricia, very attractive.  Soon their relationship becomes more than employee and employer, but they are both afraid of making a commitment and voicing their growing feelings for one another.  Meanwhile, Rich is using his job to learn more about his grandfather, who is now deceased, and his alleged relationship some seventy years ago with the former owner of the mansion, the wealthy Rebecca Eastwick.
The negatives to this story for me were the plot moved slowly in some parts and the unnecessary swearing.  Also, there were many typos in the book.  The positives were some great laugh out loud internal comments Rich made about himself or his mother.  I loved the relationship Rich had with his parents, the teasing between his parents and between himself and his parents.  The dialogue and fun relationship with Patricia was also really entertaining and absolutely hilarious to read at times.  I also thought it was very admirable how Rich handled his relationship with his kids by not bad mouthing his ex-wife in front of them or even when he was not in front of them.  He also treated her with much more respect than the nasty lady earned.  I would be interested in reading more books from this author.
My rating is 4 stars.
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