Rosemary Cottage

Title:  Rosemary Cottage (Hope Beach #2)
Author:  Colleen Coble
Pages:  306
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Amy Lang doesn’t believe her brother’s death was an accident.  She has come to Hope Island to find out the truth.  She has spent many happy summers on the island with her brother Ben.  She can’t believe he would have had an accident while surfing.  He was too good a surfer for that to happen.  She also is a midwife and sees the need on the island for her services, so she decides to move there permanently.  As she begins her search into her brother’s death, she gets reacquainted with Curtis Ireland.  His sister, Gina, was Ben’s girlfriend.  Gina was killed in a boating accident about two weeks before Ben was killed.  Amy convinces Curtis that both deaths deserve another look and what they uncover makes them suspicious about the deaths being accidents.  What were Ben and Gina to each other?  What were they involved in?  Did Amy really know her brother as well as she thinks she did?  Did Gina really make a change for the better after becoming a Christian and giving birth to Raine?
Curtis and Amy develop a friendship that begins to blossom into something deeper.  First, they must resolve the issue of their siblings relationship with each other and if their deaths were connected to on another.  Curtis and Amy staunchly defend their siblings in public, but privately begin to doubt how well they really knew their siblings.  Throw in an attempted death, a politician on the move up the career ladder and a couple of unexpected rescues and readers have a very interesting story.
This novel has lots of suspense, action and surprises that will keep readers hooked until the end.  The only thing I didn’t like was the search for the kidnap victim took too long and seemed to drag the story down a little.  I also didn’t like how the two main characters would have an argument then contact each other to help with their investigation immediately thereafter and they would both agree to the outing.  I didn’t think that was too realistic.  Other than that, this was a good solid read and left me wanting to read more books in this series.
My rating is 4 stars.
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