Sincerely Yours

Title:  Sincerely Yours (A Novella Collection)
Authors:  Jane Kirkpatrick, Amanda Cabot, Laurie Alice Eakes, and Ann Shorey
Pages:  372
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Revell
Moonlight Promise by Laurie Alice Eakes
Camilla Renfrew is on the run.  She has a debt collector on her heels.  She jumps aboard a ship bound for Albany, New York and an old friend who has promised her a job.  The year is 1825 and Nathaniel Black is trying desperately to raise enough money to buy out his other two partners to achieve his life’s dream of owning his own steamboat.  However, one of his partners doesn’t want to sell to him and causes all kinds of problems for Nathaniel.  Now, he is saddled with a female passenger, one who is entirely too attractive to him.  Will he realize he hasn’t trusted the Lord for his future before it’s too late?
Lessons in Love by Ann Shorey
Merri Bentley is not interested in being part of the upper crust’s society in the year 1858 or any other year.  She is too shy and would rather spend her time writing.  She has been writing articles on marriage for a magazine, but the editor thinks she is a man and probably doesn’t want articles from a single woman on the subject of marriage.  When her editor asks to meet Mr. Bentley in person, Merrie enlists the aid of her piano teacher, Colin Thackery, to pose as Mr. Bentley.  Since her piano lessons started, Colin has grown more and more fond of Merrie, but realizes their difference social standing will not allow a romantic relationship to occur.  Why can’t his heart realize this?
One Little Word by Amanda Cabot
Jonah Mann is a master woodworker who is creating a carousel for a hotel.  He only has two months left until he returns to England to take over the family estate, giving up woodworking forever.  Per family tradition and to uphold family honor, he must also marry a distant cousin.  Lorraine Caldwell must marry in three months, September 1892, or lose her inheritance.  She travels to the hotel where her brother is part owner to see him after two years of being apart.  She meets Jonah and soon realizes he is much more than a painter.  Over the next few weeks, they work together to create the carousel.  Lorraine discovers she is worth marrying for love, not for money or social position.
A Saving Grace by Jane Kirkpatrick 
It is 1911 and Grace Hathaway receives a letter from her godchild, stating her mother won’t come home.  Grace discovers that her friend, Rebecca, has been admitted to a sanatorium in a remote area of Washington.  The treatment for all conditions is starvation, enemas and lots of exercise.  Meanwhile, patients are given drugs to make them more compliant and amenable to suggestions.  Grace sets out to rescue her friend, but can’t do it alone.  She meets Dr. Claude Millikan who befriends her and gives her information about what is going on in the clinic, although he is secretive about what he does in his work at the clinic. What Grace discovers is unbelievable.  Can she trust Claude to help her or is he really working for the evil doctor?
My rating is 4 stars.

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