The PACT by C. N. Bring

Title:  The Pact (The Celia Kelly Series #1)
Author:  C.N. Bring
Pages:  313
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bad Day Books
Commander Celia Kelly works at the Pentagon and hasn’t been out in the field for several years.  So why is she put in charge of a SEAL team and sent to ferret out the location of an extremist group in Syria?  Her assignment is to take out the camp, including the blonde man in charge if possible.  She also has her home broken into, a car following her around and her best friend murdered.  She then is contacted by a CIA agent.  The agent leads her to believe her husband, who has been MIA for four years, was involved or had knowledge of this extremist group.  Could her husband have betrayed his country for money?  Twenty million dollars is missing and the Pact, the name given to the extremist group, wants their money back.  Where did the money come from?  Who all is involved and how far reaching do the arms of this group extend?
Celia works with her team and begins to get acquainted with each one and comes to trust them.  She is wary of whom to trust in the chain of command above her, so she keeps her cards close to her chest sometimes.  Celia is attacked more than once and has her secretary, Gwen, is kidnapped and held for ransom.  Of course, the kidnappers want the money.  Where is the money?  Can Celia rescue Gwen, discover who all is involved in the pact either in the military or the political arena and find the money?
Explosive action, high energy tension and suspense set in the military genre are a few of the components of this great novel by CN Bring!  Also included are various intelligence agencies and their networks of spies.  Political maneuvering and manipulations make up a portion of the plot as well.  The chapters are short, making them easy to read and flip pages quickly as the plot thickens and momentum increases.  Commander Celia Kelly is not afraid to show her faith, which impacts some of the members of her team.  People see her faith in action, not just words spoken, but a life lived in dependence on God.  Her dedication to God and her country is inspiring and admirable.  This is definitely one for readers’ “keeper” shelf.  The next book in the series titled, The Lie, will be reviewed here soon.
My rating is 5 stars.
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