The Reason

Title:  The Reason
Author:  William Sirls
Pages:  396
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
My introduction to this outstanding author and his stories was through his latest book Sinners’ Garden. My best girlfriend had read The Reason.  Afterwards, she expressed how much I needed to read it because she couldn’t share her experience of reading the tale until I was completely through reading it too.  After reading Sinners’ Garden, I bought my own copy of The Reason trying to read it here and there with all my other commitments.  Finally, one night till the wee hours of the next day God wouldn’t let me put it down until the very last word was read.
Sometimes when reading the novel I had a sense of where the author was taking the readers.  At one point about half way through I knew where one character’s life was ending and to be honest I didn’t like it.  Not because it was badly written or anything like that, the emotions hit close to home and tears rolled down my face.  Part of me was prepared for what I thought to be the ending, but I wasn’t even close!
The characters in the story have various pasts, dark secrets and a desire to be free of the hopelessness some of them felt.  Other characters believed with all their hearts in what God said was true, but when life throws a curve we come to a place and realize we don’t really know or control any part of life.  Of course that is a sobering thought and it should humble us, but it should also remind us of Whose hand holds our hearts if we believe in Him as God, Lord and Savior.
So as not to spoil your own journey in reading this magnificent heart-touching novel, I don’t want to write too much for concern it would ruin the powerful message the novel presents.  All I can tell you is that while being a work of fiction, it isn’t hard at all to see the reflection of reality as you turn the pages. I have read many a novel in the last couple years, but this one took my breath away.
Most of all it reminded me just how much He loves me, what He has done and doing for me along with giving me a future with hope.  So grab a copy of the novel.  In fact, get some friends or family to read it with you then have fun discovering what you learn while exploring the truths woven throughout the book.  Then, perhaps consider sharing this with others who need to know the Who behind the most glorious of all people, The One who does above and beyond anything we ask or think.
My rating is 5+ stars.
PS:  After you read come back and share with the author what you thought about the novel as he would like that!

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