The TRUTH by C. N. Bring

Title:  The Truth (Celia Kelly #3)
Author:  C.N. Bring
Pages:  292
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Bad Day Books
This is another fantastic novel by CN Bring!  This time Celia Kelly is called to take a look at a bomb site as the culprit is someone from her former case involving the Pact.  Celia begins to track him and involves her steadfast SEAL team as well.  There are many ins and outs involved with a lot of the characters from the prior two books making appearances in this third one.  It was like a family reunion as I read about these familiar characters and got to know a little bit more about their lives, their characters and their personalities.  There were a few new characters introduced, too.  Celia’s personal life takes a decided upswing.  Her secretary Gwen is involved in the investigation, voices her usual sense of humor and is game to do just about anything to help Celia.  Georgie, Celia’s assistant, is also in protection mode where Celia is concerned and is willing to go to jail for it.
Celia is brought back to the same question, “What happened to the $20 million recovered from the Pact?  Who took it?”  As she investigates she becomes suspicious of someone she knows, but really doesn’t want to believe this person could be responsible for so much death and destruction.  Was the bomb site really the target or is there another target that the team is missing?  Can she find out the answers before it is too late? 
I read this book in a day because I absolutely could not put it down!  I just had to discover what panned out, who was guilty, who was innocent and who was left standing when everything was over.  However, at the end of the story, things are not really over because there is at least one more book in the series.  Cliffhangers abound…drat!  I am really enjoying getting to see how some of the military works.  I’m not familiar with anyone in the military, but I admire their strength, courage and dedication as depicted in this story.  Celia continues to live her faith daily for all to see, which is such an encouragement to see.  There is tons of action, deception, plots and suspense.  I highly recommend this series and will definitely be waiting on pins and needles for book four in the series to be released.
My rating is 5 stars.
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