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Scarlett Says

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A Cold Treachery

Echoes of tthe TItanic

Title:Echoes of Titanic Author:Mindy Starns Clark & John Campbell Clark Pages:385 Year:2012 Publisher: Harvest House Publishers Adele Brennan boards the Titanic on its maiden voyage, dreaming of a new life in America as she bids goodbye to her homeland of Ireland.She sails to join her father who has spent the past 16 years in America building a successful business.She travels with her cousin Jocelyn, who is like a sister to her and Jocelyn’s father.She longs to use her keen business mind, but lacks opportunity in Ireland.Hopefully, America will embrace a female businesswoman.When tragedy strikes the ship, only one of the girls survives.The survivor goes to New York and makes the family business even more successful after she attends college and joins the firm.However, the firm faces some controversy when someone claims she is not really Adele Brennan. Kelsey Tate is just like her great grandmother Adele or so everyone keeps telling her.She loves the business world and is very goo…

Until I Found You


Title:  Persecuted (I Will Not Be Silent) Author:  Robin Parrish & Daniel Lusko Pages:  320 Year:  2014 Publisher:  Bethany House While this is a fictional story, it is not a futuristic one or one for the faint of heart.  My first impression as I read was how in some ways the story reflects in a broad sense the many issues our nation is struggling with right now and Christians loss as to what to do.  On 07/18/14, a film with be released with the same title and you can learn more by visiting a website The forward alone will challenge many to be thinking as they read the book, asking questions in light of current events in relation to the novel.  The main protagonist is a highly valued evangelist named John Luther who runs a ministry, but doesn’t compromise the truth.  The stand John takes on a particular bill before Congress puts him diametrically opposed to many well-financed and highly influential people.  When the wheels are set in motion to take…