A Cold Treachery

Title:  A Cold Treachery (Inspector Rutledge #7)
Author:  Charles Todd
Pages:  556 (large type edition)
Year:  2005
Publisher:  Thorndike Press
Inspector Ian Rutledge has just finished a case and is in the area when help is requested nearby.  He is sent to investigate the murder of a family at their kitchen table.  No signs of resistance are seen, but one family member is missing.  All the men in the small village are mustered to search the cold, desolate area of northern England for the boy.  As the days pass, the mission turns from rescue to recovery in the minds of the men.  No 10-year-old boy could survive the cold as well as being without food and water.  As there are no witnesses, Ian begins methodically questioning other people who knew the victims.
At the hotel where Ian sets up his headquarters, there is a pretty, young woman in a wheelchair that catches Ian’s attention as a man, not an inspector.  Nothing romantic happens in this story, but maybe in the next one?  Ian is stymied as he has multiple people pointing their fingers at multiple suspects without any hard evidence of guilt.  If only the boy were around, maybe he saw something!  As time passes, the local chief constable becomes more and more unhappy with Inspector Rutledge and his lack of results.  Can Ian find the guilty party before he is replaced?  Who could commit such a heinous crime?
There was a great twist at the end of the story that I didn’t see coming!  There is lots of tension mounting throughout the story.  I did think that the search for the little boy went on too long and that his fate should have been revealed sooner.  The internal conversations that take place between Ian and Hamish I find so very interesting.  They add so much depth to the character of Ian and to the overall story.  This is still a very good mystery and definitely worth reading.  I am thoroughly enjoying this series and can’t wait to read book eight next!
My rating is 4 stars.
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