Brink of Death by Brandilyn Collins

Title:  Brink of Death (Hidden Faces Series #1)
Author:  Brandilyn Collins
Pages:  422 (large print)
Year:  2004
Publisher:  Thorndike Press (large print)
I have read some of Brandilyn Collins’ more recent works and enjoyed them, so I thought I would go back and read some of her earlier books.  This book is set in California, and the main character is Annie Kingston.
Annie is a divorced mother of two children.  Her son is 15 and has begun to hang out with the wrong crowd and do drugs.  In an attempt to help him, she moves to her wealthy father’s home away from the city that he left her in his will upon his death.  Upon her father’s death, Annie quit her job as a courtroom artist.  One night Annie is awakened by sirens and discovers her neighbor has been murdered.  Due to her skills as an artist, the local detectives asks her if she can help by drawing the murderer as seen by the only eye witness, the murder victim’s 11-year-old daughter.  Once the picture is finished, the detective places it in the local newspapers without any response.
Annie feels she is to blame for the murder as she has found a file in her father’s home office from a case he was working on at his death.  This file seems to be what the murder was after; he just chose the wrong house in order to get it.  Annie continues to plead with the detective to let her be involved in the case to assuage her guilty conscience.  She has never been a Christian, so she has no avenue other than work to try to work through this guilt.  She does meet the police chaplain as well as the murder victim’s church friends and begins to think maybe there is something to this God stuff and prayer.
To me this book didn’t have the suspense throughout the book apparent in later books.  The main character’s insistence in being involved in the case and the detective allowing her to be involved didn’t seem very realistic.  I did like how she was portrayed as a struggling, single, divorced mom, raising her children alone; I did think that was very realistic.  This story just didn’t seem to grab my attention like her other books.  I do plan to read the next book in this series and hopefully it will be more to my liking.
My rating is 3 stars.

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