Echoes of tthe TItanic

Title:  Echoes of Titanic
Author:  Mindy Starns Clark & John Campbell Clark
Pages:  385
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Harvest House Publishers
Adele Brennan boards the Titanic on its maiden voyage, dreaming of a new life in America as she bids goodbye to her homeland of Ireland.  She sails to join her father who has spent the past 16 years in America building a successful business.  She travels with her cousin Jocelyn, who is like a sister to her and Jocelyn’s father.  She longs to use her keen business mind, but lacks opportunity in Ireland.  Hopefully, America will embrace a female businesswoman.  When tragedy strikes the ship, only one of the girls survives.  The survivor goes to New York and makes the family business even more successful after she attends college and joins the firm.  However, the firm faces some controversy when someone claims she is not really Adele Brennan.
Kelsey Tate is just like her great grandmother Adele or so everyone keeps telling her.  She loves the business world and is very good at her job at her family’s firm, Brennan & Tate.  Now that her father has suffered a stroke, the company’s image has taken a beating.  The new PR firm hired by the company begins to promote Kelsey as the latest financial wizard who is going to rebuild the company’s image.  Kelsey and Cole Thornton used to work together, but when she undercut his bid on a project five years ago, their relationship ended.  Now, after Kelsey discovers a body in one of the company’s conference rooms, she is persona non grata and banned from work until things are cleared up.  Her company also faces a hostile takeover.  She receives a message from Cole, offering to help.  With no one else to turn to, Kelsey accepts his offer.  She also faces another trial when a distant cousin again publically questions Adele Brennan’s identity.  Who really survived the tragedy of the Titanic?  Was it Adele or Jocelyn?  Are the bonds Adele supposedly bought from a new start-up company back then for real or are they just a myth?  If real, where are they?  Are they worth anything if they really exist?  Kelsey is determined to find out.  While working with Cole again, they both discover they still love one another as well as discover they were both manipulated five years ago in order to break the up.  Who would do so and why?
I found this mystery original and intriguing.  It held my attention from beginning to end.  I liked how there were a couple chapters in the present day and then a chapter from the past.  It was so interesting taking a look back to the Titanic.  I thought the characters very approachable and could connect with them easily.  It was also great to see that no matter how strong a businesswoman Kelsey thought she was, she still needed God’s strength each day to see her through.  Her rediscovering her faith in God was wonderful to read about.  I hope this author does more fiction works in this same vein.
My rating is 5 stars.
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