Whispers from the Shadows Book #2

Title:  Whispers from the Shadows (Culper Ring Series #2)
Author:  Roseanna M. White
Pages:  345
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Harvest House Publishers
Thad Lane has been waiting for over two years to go back to his first love, the sea.  The British Navy, however, has other plans and has kept Baltimore ships at dock all this time.  Thad hasn’t been inactive while waiting as he is in charge of the Culper Ring now as he was given this charge by his parents.  He goes about the city trying to discover any political information, which he passes on to his superior in Washington City.  Thad’s life changes with the advent of Gwyneth Fairchild, who arrives unexpectedly and informs Thad that he is now her guardian on request of her father.  Gwyn’s father is a British general and has been good friends with Thad’s parents.  Their story is told in the first book of the series, Rings of Secrets.  Thad quickly falls in love with Gwyn, but must trust in the Lord to be her Rescuer even as America is drawn into another war with England.
Gwyneth Fairchild arrives in America a shell of her former self.  She is haunted by demons from the past and a difficult crossing from England.  Her father trusts Thad, so she trusts him as well.  She needs time to recover, but keeps the secret of what she witnessed right before leaving England.  She does tell Thad of her fear of her uncle and that he means her harm.  Gwyn is an artist and finds relief in sketching and painting.  These skills will help her and Thad solve a mystery later in the story.  She is drawn to Thad like no one before and comes to love him.  She must first overcome her demons before she can move forward in this new life.  She realizes she has been trusting in her earthly father, then Thad, but not her heavenly Father.  Once she puts Him first, her demons fade.
One thing I really like about this story was seeing the spiritual growth of Gwyneth.  When she was at her lowest and dark voices were whispering to her to give up, she clung to prayers and Scripture to chase away the darkness, bringing her into the light of His presence and renewed strength and confidence in who she was in Him.  As with the first novel in the series, Ring of Secrets, I am just amazed at the spiritual maturity of the two lead female characters in each of these books at such young ages.  The plot has tension, drama, love and some great Lane family moments of laughter.  I am anxiously awaiting the release of the third novel in the series, Circle of Spies, which takes place during the Civil War.  I can’t wait to see what adventures the Lane family will encounter next!
My rating is 5 stars.

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