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WIliam Sirls First Novel: The Reason

Title:  The Reason
Author:  William Sirls
Pages:  396
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Phenomenal is one word I’m using to describe this absolutely stellar first novel by William Sirls.  What a debut!  This is a contemporary fictional account, but the hope it offers is very real.  The story is set in the small town of Carlson, Michigan.  There are several characters involved in the storyline, but their stories are all weaved together to form the main plot.
I don’t have enough space to give a synopsis of each character’s current status in life, but suffice it to say some are unbelievers in God, others I’ll call fence-straddlers and others who believe wholeheartedly.  Each character experiences meeting the carpenter named Kenneth.  He shares with them some difficult truths, but also encourages them to only believe.  As some struggle with the past, others worry about the future.  Kenneth knows intimate things about each character and they wonder exactly who he really is and what his purpose is.  The journeys toward newfound faith or the strengthening of an existing faith are written extremely well and the characters are so easy to identify with to any reader.
As one journey ends, a few are left asking why they were led astray.  Were they really only to believe just to have the rug pulled out from under them?  What would God’s reason be for doing this?  This story shows the great love God has for His children, His compassion and His mercy.  This book will evoke many strong emotions from readers if they will allow it too.  God has worked powerfully through this author.  The story offers to those who believe in God a picture of his all-encompassing love.  The author shares from his personal experience of the highs and lows of life through different aspects of certain characters.  I highly recommend this book and encourage readers to look for God’s personal message to each of them through this novel.  I’ll be reading and reviewing this author’s latest book, The Sinners’ Garden, soon so stay tuned on how I rate that one! 
My rating is 5 stars.

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