And Then There Were None

Title:  And Then There Were None               
Author:  Agatha Christie
Pages:  247
Year:  2011; originally published in 1939
Publisher:  Harper Collins
As a young teenager, around 13-15 years of age, I saw a black and white movie of this book.  At the time, I loved the movie and decided to read Agatha Christie’s mysteries, which I did, reading any of her mysteries I could get my hands on.  When I had a chance to read this story again, I jumped at it.  It has been many, many years since I read this story and didn’t remember “whodunit”.  I was excited to read a good, old-fashioned, British mystery.
Keeping in mind the culture and time when the book was originally written, I must mention the use of one particular curse word several times in the novel as well as a derogatory attitude toward Jewish people as expressed by one or two of the characters.  I’m not excusing this or agreeing with this, but I just want to make readers aware of it.
The gist of the story is that 10 British people are lured by Mr./Mrs. U.N. Owen to stay for a week on an island in a luxury home once owned by an American.  The only way off the island is by boat.  A local fisherman comes to the island every day with the newspaper and supplies.  Once he has taken the last guest to the island and leaves, everyone gets settled in their room.  The guests gather for before dinner drinks and an unknown voice from an unknown source accuses each guest of murdering someone.  Then, the killing begins.  Thereafter, death becomes a frequent occurrence over the next few days.  In the center of the table is a circular glass stand with 10 china figures on it.  After each murder, one of the figures mysteriously vanishes.  The tension gains tremendously with each murder and everyone is suspicious of each other, trusting no one so it seems.  Readers are treated to the thoughts of each guest at various times, which I really found interesting.
I enjoyed trying to figure out the culprit, even though I was wrong!  The psychological elements of the story are well-done, seeing the characters turn on one another so sure of who was guilty and then their supposed culprit would wind up dead, so the tension ratchets up another notch.  If you like mysteries, you will want to get a copy of this classic “whodunit”.  This has made me think that I just might have to read some more of these oldies, but goodies!
My rating is 4 stars.
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