Monday, June 2, 2014

Deeper than Red

Title:  Deeper Than Red (Red Returning #3)
Author:  Sue Duffy
Pages:  287
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Kregel Publications
What a great finish to an intriguing and entertaining series!  This third story in the Red Returning series is set a bit in Florida, Germany and Washington, D.C. mostly.  There are references or snippets of other places, but the previously mentioned places are where the majority of the story takes place.  Liesl, Cade, Ian, Ava, Max and Evgeny as well as some others make repeat appearances.
Liesl and Max have agreed to perform a concert in Nuremburg.  Max is still searching for his elusive father, but now as part of Mossad.  Liesl and Max again are threatened, but by whom?  Their main enemy, Ivan Volynski, is dead.  Who is calling for their death now?  Will they ever be able to live a normal life?  They refuse to cancel their concert and head to Germany.  Liesl still has Evgeny watching over her, trying to keep her safe from an assassin.
Tally Greyson is trying to save her mom from going over to the “dark” side.  They live in Florida near a community of spiritualists, mediums and other similar types of people.  Her mother is heavily involved in this and Tally is desperate to get her out before it is too late.  Tally has been sneaking into the compound to find out what goes on behind closed doors and sees more than she bargains for.  What is in the mysterious crate off-loaded from the plane at the compound’s private air strip?  Did one of the men near the plane have a Russian accent?  Tally is facing spiritual powers she has no idea how to combat.  She receives help from an unlikely source though.
I have read all three books in this series and enjoyed each one.  I just loved the character of Ian, his gruffness and his faith.  He isn’t afraid to let people see what he believes.  I also liked seeing how Liesl had matured and grown stronger in her faith.  This is a wonderful spy series with lots of political maneuvering, intrigue and deception.  I’m looking forward to see what this author released next.
My rating is 5 stars.
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