Friday, June 13, 2014

Echoes of Mercy

Title:  Echoes of Mercy
Author:  Kim Vogel Sawyer
Novel Pages:  333
Year:  2014
Publisher:  WaterBrook Press
Caroline Langston is an investigator for the Labor Commission and often goes undercover as an employee of the company or factory she is investigating in order to determine the working conditions.  She reports her findings and based on these findings, changes or charges might be brought against an owner.  She is sent to the Dinsmore Chocolate Factory to complete an investigation started by another agent who met an untimely death.  She is also supposed to look into this agent’s death to see if it was really an accident as reported or if it was murder.  She strikes up a friendship with another worker, Ollie Moore and begins to feel more for him than friendship, but when her investigation is done, she will be going home to Nebraska, leaving Kansas and going to the next job.  Caroline also meets three poor children and takes them under her wing.  She knows what it is like to be poor, beaten and afraid as she was such as a child.  She promotes education for children instead of working in a factory, which puts her in opposition with Ollie.  Can they overcome their differences to find love?
Ollie Moore or Oliver Dinsmore is working undercover at his father’s factory to see what improvements he can make and learn the business better for when he takes over from his father.  No one knows he is undercover except his father.  He offers to help Caroline or Carrie as she is known at the factory in her investigation.  He sees her determination, spunk and bravery as well as her faith put to the test.  Ollie believes in God, but doesn’t have a personal relationship with Him.  As he spends more time with Carrie, he longs to find out who God is and how he can know Him better.  Ollie also knows Carrie is the only one for him, but his parents want him to marry someone from his own social class.  Can Ollie learn to trust the One who controls everything?  Can he learn that prayers are answered and the value of prayer?
Caroline is such a model of Christian compassion, generosity and selflessness.  She inspires me to be a better Christian toward the people around me.  She had such wonderful mentors in Noble and Annamarie.  Even though they are now old, they still mentor and guide Caroline and others; they didn’t retire.  Even when Caroline realizes her true purpose in crossing paths with Ollie, she is disappointed, but rejoices with the opportunity God gives her as well.  This was just an inspiring, hope-filled story along with some romance that is uplifting to read.  I plan to read more of this author’s works and hope other readers will read this one and pass it along to a friend.
My rating is 4 stars.

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