Memory's Door

Title:  Memory’s Door (A Well Spring Novel #2)
Author:  James L. Rubart
Pages:  353
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
This story picks up shortly after Soul’s Gate, the first book in the series, ends.  It is just weeks later when the Warriors Riding are called together and are told they will be fighting the Wolf soon.  Each member faces his or her own temptation to avoid the fight.  Again, they are called to travel into the spiritual realm to do battle or to gain information.  This time they might have some help from some new characters introduced.  Are Tristan, Jotham, Orson and Simon humans?  Demons?  Angels?
Once again the Riders meet Zennon in differing forms.  I loved how they used Scripture and the name of Jesus as their strength, as well as their close communication with the Spirit to guide them.  Zennon and his ilk try their best to deceive the Riders on their various journeys.  Each warrior must use the gifts God has given them in their role within the group to thwart evil.  However, they can’t fight alone and win; they must rely on help from their fellow warriors, but most importantly they must rely on their faith in God and His abilities, faithfulness and love.
James Rubart has been gifted by God with a great ability to tell a story.  His descriptive vocabulary creates vivid images in the mind that bring the story to life.  I could almost feel the joy, love, hope and freedom the warriors experienced on some of their travels.  The visual word pictures he uses easily show the points he makes.  I especially liked the visual of the church congregation with their backpacks being loaded down with rules and regulations.  I think readers will also identify with Marcus, the secret he carried and how it affected his whole life.  These images also caused me to think about the spiritual realm and become more aware of the unseen battles being fought.  I’m looking forward to the conclusion of the trilogy in Spirit Bridge, which I’ll review here soon.  If you missed book one, Soul’s Gate, grab a copy and start with that one, then continue on a fantastic journey with Memory’s Door.
My rating is 5 stars.
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