Sunday, June 1, 2014

Raina's Choice

Title:  Raina’s Choice (Western Justice #3)
Author:  Gilbert Morris
Pages:  318
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Shiloh Run Press
Raina Vernay is a pretty, young woman, working in a saloon she inherited from her mother.  Her sister’s husband is pressuring her to go to bed with him, which she wants no part of.  She is desperate to escape his clutches.  She has a letter from her father, who her mother ran off several years ago, that gives his last known location.  She decides she will try to find him and make a home with him.  Her only means of getting to him is with Ty Kincaid, a drifter who has just come to town, heading in the same direction as where her father was last known to be.  Can she find the father she has never known or is she too late?
Ty Kincaid has led a hard life.  He has worked various jobs, been wrongfully imprisoned, escaped prison and is now sicker than a dog.  He arrives in La Tete, Louisiana where he meets Raina.  He stops in for a drink in her saloon, but the local sheriff recognizes him as an escaped prisoner from a Mexican wanted poster.  He arrests Ty and puts him jail.  Raina and Ty reach an agreement where he will help her get north to find her father.  She breaks Ty out of jail, cares for him during a severe case of pneumonia, and arrives with him in Fort Smith.  Ty needs a job so he becomes a marshal for Judge Isaac Parker, the hanging judge.  He doesn’t really want to be a marshal, but doesn’t know what else to do to earn a living.  He and Raina have a tie of shared experiences, but do they love each other?  As the story continues, Raina is offered marriage by someone other than Ty.  Will she accept?  Why wouldn’t she?  How does Ty feel about this marriage proposal that suddenly occurs?
This third book in the Western Justice series is only slightly better than book two, which I rated as two stars.  I found the same deficiencies in this book with flat character development, abrupt introductions of new characters and not being realistic in some instances.  The only reason I rated this book is rated three stars rather than two stars is the realistic struggle Ty goes through while waiting on God to show him what to do with his life as well as good tension for Raina to experience after the shoot-out Ty is involved in.  I have read this author’s Lady Trent series, was entertained and thoroughly enjoyed it so I know this author can write.  I hope he writes another mystery series as I would definitely read that genre from this author.  Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this Western Justice series.
My rating is 3 stars.
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