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Raptor 6

Title:  Raptor 6 (The Quiet Professionals Book #1)
Author:  Ronnie Kendig
Pages:  352
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Shiloh Run Press
An extraordinary, breathtaking and heart-pumping work of fiction awaits those who read the latest writing of Ronnie Kendig!  The captivating adventure begins for Raptor 6 Team in a country halfway around the world.  Behind the dangers the team constantly faces is a threat that looms just beyond the vision of those in command.  Past experiences have taught the leader of the Raptor Team, Captain Dean Watters, that being in love and serving the country can at times come at a huge cost.  Though he believes he is married to the Army, doing what he is called to do, that never was a problem until he meets a young woman who is a missionary, teaching English to girls in Afghanistan.
Zahrah is the daughter of a well-known, retired general who tried unsuccessfully to persuade his daughter not to go into a war zone.  Now, she is in imminent danger and unless she is retrieved alive and returned to her father, heads are going to roll beginning with the captain of Raptor Team 6.  There are many different subplots going on in the personal lives of the team outside of their assignments that at times cause tension between the team members.
The main characters, Captain Watters and Zahrah, are prisoners and face torture of various kinds, but how they handle the trials is vastly different.  Zahrah knows without a doubt God has called her to be there, but the bigger picture of why, other than teaching, takes time to be revealed.  Captain Watters is a warrior who has gone through torture before and knows what to expect; however, this time he is not alone.  He questions why God would allow such a beautiful, trusting woman of faith to endure such harsh treatment at the hands of her captors.  Captain Watters knows there is more to this woman than simply being a missionary or the daughter of a general, but exactly what it is eludes and frustrates him.
For me, this new series is the best of the best to date from this author and I hope you enjoy reading the novel as much as I did.  Again, I came away with an appreciation for the service men and women give to our country along with the sacrifice their families endure.  While I read about the hardship of knowing an enemy, figuring out who is in the shadows seems much more dangerous, especially when there is a plethora of possible antagonists.  Make time to read, share and enjoy the first book in her latest series, you won’t regret it!
My rating is 5+ stars!
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