Seagrass Pier

Title:  Seagrass Pier (Hope Beach #3)
Author:  Colleen Coble
Novel Pages:  303
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Marc Everton is about to find out something that will change his life forever.  He is an FBI agent currently on leave due to his partner’s recent murder.  On his time of forced leave, he is investigating his partner’s murder against his boss’ orders.  His investigation leads him to Hope Island where he runs into Elin Summerall.  He remembers her from his past and what they shared together, but soon he is spending far more time with her than he could ever have believed.  As a stalker hunts Elin, Marc’s protective side comes out and he does whatever it takes to keep her and her family safe.  He also falls in love with Elin, but knows she can’t possibly love him so he puts off telling her how he feels.
Elin Summerall moves to Hope Island in the hope that she can escape her stalker.  She moves into an isolated old house with her daughter, Josie, and mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s.  Elin hires a caregiver for her mother.  As Marc makes himself part of her life, she begins to love him, but knows he only wants a friendship.  He will never love her because he feels he can’t trust her, right?  He keeps her safe and helps her track down leads on the murder of her heart donor.  Elin has been having memories of how her heart donor was killed from the point of view of the donor.  With Marc’s help, can they find the murderer and bring them to justice?  Is there really a treasure to be found as suggested in an old diary Elin finds in a trunk in her old house?
I thought this was the best book in the series.  There was lots of action, suspense and tension along with romance.  There was more than one story going on at a time, but they were exciting and not difficult to keep track of.  I thought the author did a great job weaving the different storylines together.  I also enjoyed the Christian aspect of both main characters and how they dealt with their past sins or learned to deal with it, depending on the character.  The both put God first and had a desire to help others.  They were generous to strangers without expectation of being rewarded or having their generosity returned, but because it was how they believed God wanted them to act.  I eagerly look forward to the next new series Colleen Coble has to offer.
My rating is 5 stars.
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