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Silenced (Alaska Courage #4)

Title:  Silenced (Alaskan Courage #4)
Author:  Dani Pettrey
Pages:  327
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers
Book #4 in this series doesn’t disappoint!  The story this time centers on Kayden McKenna and Jake Westin.  It is again set in Alaska, but unlike book #3 that was set mostly at sea, this was is back on land.  We also see a lot more of the fifth McKenna sibling, Reef, in this book.
While Kayden is out rock climbing she discovers a body.  It is quickly discovered that the climber was murdered and didn’t die due to an accidental fall while climbing.  With the abrupt resignation of the sheriff, Landon Grainger is promoted from deputy to temporary acting sheriff.  Since he is overloaded with work he asks Jake to temporarily be deputized and work the murder case.  Kayden is also asked for her climbing expertise to help Jake investigate.  Both Jake and Kayden are secretly thrilled they will be working together as they both have realized their strong attachment to the other.  They won’t tell each other how they feel because they can’t see a future together.  As they investigate, their attraction and love only increase with the time spent in each other’s company.
Jake discovers he really enjoys being back on the force.  He tells himself it is only temporary as God didn’t make him to be a cop because of his failure on his last case three years ago in Boston.  That failure caused him to resign his job as detective and move to Alaska to start over.  That case also cost him a lot more than his job.  He knows he shouldn’t open his heart again to future hurt, but someone Kayden has snatched his heart without him being aware of it.  He will do anything to keep her safe, which skills will come to the forefront as they encounter someone from his past who will stop at nothing to hurt Jake by hurting Kayden.  Kayden must also admit to herself how she has cut herself off emotionally from her family and friends when her mother died.  She is terrified of inheriting her mother’s rheumatoid arthritis and as a result is a health and exercise fanatic almost to the point of obsession because she needs to feel like she can control something about her life.  Can she surrender this control to the One who is always in control?  The One who always knows what is best for His children?
I have spent a lot of time with the McKenna family over the past week as I’ve read all four books over that time period.  They have come to be like my own brothers and sisters.  What a wonderful job their parents did, raising such strong Christian children.  While strong Christians, they aren’t perfect.  I can identify with their foibles and struggles, which makes them so easy to relate to.  There is also a lot of action and suspense to enjoy as well.  I can’t wait to read Reef’s story!
My rating is 5 stars.
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