Thursday, June 26, 2014

Spirit Bridge by James L. Rubart

Title:  Spirit Bridge (Well Spring #3)
Author:  James L. Rubart
Pages:  375
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Once again the small group of Warriors Riding is attacked by Zennon and his demonic soldiers.  There are two new characters introduced in this book, Simon and Miyo.  At first, it is unknown if they are evil, good or neutral in their dealings with the Warriors.  Their roles are discovered, and the Warriors begin battle strategy.  After another skirmish, the Warriors think they are done only to discover another huge battle with Zennon awaits them.  This battle will take every single one of their skills working together.  As the time for the fight looms closer, Zennon’s hidden strategy is released and threatens to destroy all the Warriors have worked for.  Some are deceived and unwilling to open their eyes while others climb to new heights with the Spirit.  As in the other books, there are individuals who must deal with their sin before it is too late and the devil gets a foot hold by sneaking in through a seam in the soul.
While there are some great battle scenes, both in the spiritual realm and the physical realm, this last book in the trilogy fell a little flat for me.  I can’t really put my finger as to why, but the first two books I couldn’t put down and immensely enjoyed, giving them both 5 stars.  I did enjoy meeting the characters again with their individual nuances and personalities, their strengths and weaknesses.  I also liked the visible manifestations of the power of prayer, faith and belief in God.  I thought it great how the author pointed out how deceptive and sly the lies of Satan are and how to thwart them.  I can recommend this entire series wholeheartedly as it will challenge how readers think about how they view themselves and their place in God’s kingdom contrasted with how God views them.  I look forward to see what this imaginative and talented author writes next.
My rating is 4 stars.

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