Stranded (Alaska Courage #3)

Title:  Stranded (Alaskan Courage #3)
Author:  Dani Pettrey
Pages:  342
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers
This is another winner for Dani Pettrey in her Alaskan Courage series!  This story is set mainly on a cruise ship sailing in Alaskan waters.  Gage McKenna and Darcy St. James reconnect five months after their involvement in solving a murder mystery.  Both people knew they had feelings for one another, but didn’t believe there would be a future for them together so they didn’t pursue the relationship.
Gage McKenna and his family have branched out in their adventures business.  They have signed a new contract with a cruise ship line to lead on-shore excursions for the ship’s passengers while the ship is in port.  Gage is heading off to board the ship to conduct training sessions on board when he sees Darcy.  He knows she is dangerous to him, that is to his heart, so he does anything he can to create distance between them.  However, once he learns why Darcy is on board, he helps her with her investigation and realizes he has fallen in love with her.  He is fiercely protective of her and doesn’t want her out of his sight as the danger increases, both on the ship and on land.  Can Gage reach back to the teachings of his youth to remember the Great Protector?  He has been bitter and angry at God for a long time and wonders if God would ever welcome him back.
Darcy St. James has been called by her best reporter friend to come and help her cover a dangerous story.  Darcy has quit investigative reporting, but Abby sounded so scared and desperate Darcy can’t refuse her request.  She never dreamed she would run into Gage McKenna.  Darcy learns her friend has disappeared and no one seems to no or be willing to say anything about what happened to her.  Darcy is like a dog with a bone and will not give up.  She keeps digging and digging to discover the truth.  What she finds out is surprising and terrible.  Thankfully, Gage is with her to keep her safe and help her dig.  She enjoys spending time with him, loves him, but knows she can’t have a life with him until he accepts Jesus as his Savior.  She has been praying for God to call Gage back to Himself and for Gage to hear the call.  As the tension and suspense increase, so do Darcy’s prayers.
This is another great adventure and suspense story from Dani Pettrey.  Just like the first two books, I was glued to my seat until the last page!  I just loved Darcy’s persistence to find the truth and her persistent petitions to the Lord.  She had such a great strength due to her close relationship with God.  I felt so much for Gage in his anger and bitterness over his loss.  I rejoiced when he began to hope again.  The great writing makes it easy to relate to and identify with the characters, which vastly increases the joy of reading these stories.  Don’t miss this terrific series.  I can’t wait to dive into book four in the series, Silenced, which was recently released.
My rating is 5 stars.
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