Friday, June 20, 2014

Stuck Together

Title:  Stuck Together (Trouble in Texas #3)
Author:  Mary Connealy
Pages:  314
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Bethany House
This story is again set in the small town of Broken Wheel in Indian Territory in the year 1869.  Tina Cahill has been in town now and works at the only restaurant as a cook.  Her afternoons are spent picketing in front of the only saloon in town against the evils of liquor.  Once she has a cause, she is fervent in seeing others are aware of it and doing something about correcting it.  She is still living with her brother and arguing with Vince, one of her brother’s best friends.  She also notices how handsome Vince is.
Vince Yates receives word from his father that his mother’s mental health is deteriorating and that Vince should come home to Chicago to take his place in the family business and in caring for his mother.  Vince refuses as he has no desire for the family business of banking and has no fond memories of his father.  As a result, his father brings his mother and another surprise to Vince and secretly leaves.  In such a small town, Vince has to rely on everyone to help him care for his mother, including Tina Cahill.  He likes to spar with her verbally, but she is getting to be dangerous to his heart so he tries to keep her at a distance.  After all, he has vowed to himself never to marry as his mother’s mental illness also affected her father as well and Vince thinks he will be affected as well.  However, he is forced to spend more and more time with Tina and realizes what a gem she is, but he can’t inflict his potential mental illness on her can he?  Vince tries to control his future, but will he ever realize there is One who holds his future?
This is the last book in the Trouble in Texas series and I was hoping it would end on a high note, but for me it ended flat.  The scenes that were supposed to be funny like when Tina is flailing around with her picket sign just weren’t funny to me.  I also thought having Jonas fall in love with Melissa was too convenient and contrived.  However, I did enjoy and appreciate how everyone in the small town of Broken Wheel pitched in to look after Vince’s mother, even though they weren’t related.  The town genuinely cared about her welfare and did what it took to keep her safe.  I thought the author did a good job of portraying (and making me care about) Vince’s father as a cruel and uncaring man; I really didn’t like that man!  This was an okay book; it just wasn’t as good as the first two books in the series.
My rating is 3 stars.
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