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The Reconciled Hearts Trilogy

Title:  The Reconciled Hearts Trilogy
Author:  Doris Elaine Fell
Pages:  877
Copyright:  1999, 2000, 2000
Publisher:  Barbour Publishing
Blue Mist on the Danube
This is the story of Kerina Rudzinski and Ashley Reynolds and the bond they share.  Kerina is a Czeckoslavakian concert violinist and acts as if she is were royalty.  She finds refuge in her favorite city and by the Danube River.  Ashley is a pastor’s wife.  Both share a connection with Chandler.  There are also mysterious thefts of valuable artwork that take place when Kerina is in town for concerts.  I just thought Kerina painted such a sad picture of love lost, still yearning for what she had over 25 years ago.
Willows on the Windrush
Sydney Barrington, a successful American businesswoman, receives the inheritance of a mansion in England from a total stranger.  When she arrives in England, she discovers that mansion’s owner is very much alive, leaving her with no inheritance according to the attorney.  There are two men in England who pose romantic interests for Sydney, but the romantic angle seemed flat to me.  There were also a lot of people to keep track of, which was sometimes confusing.  I am an avid British mystery fan, so I missed a lot of the British dialogue that was lacking in the story.
Sunrise on Stradbury Square
Professor Rachel McCully arrives at a beautiful mansion in the Lake District in England and is reunited with the former love of her life, Sinclair Wakefield.  Art theft is a subject in this novel as well as the first novel in the series.  Rachel is drawn into the intrigue and danger.  She is in the company of some former students and associates.  Is there a future for her and Sinclair?  Who is stealing the art?
First of all, having three full length novels in one book was difficult to read.  Usually when a collection is united under the cover of one book, the stories are novellas.  I think the length of this book will deter many from reading it.  The style of writing seemed dated to me, but perhaps might appeal to some older folks.  I did enjoy the descriptions of England and the theme of forgiveness depicted.  I didn’t really connect with any of the characters, but found their travels overseas interesting.
My rating is 3 stars.

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