Full Steam Ahead

Title:  Full Steam Ahead
Author:  Karen Witemeyer
Pages:  346
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Bethany House
Darius Thornton will do whatever he can to prevent another accident.  He was onboard a steamboat schmoozing clients for the family shipping business when the boilers blew, killing several people.  He tried to save as many children as he could, but one girl slipped through his grasp and didn’t make it to shore alive.  Now, Darius is wracked with guilt, thinking “if only…”  He has bought a house in the middle of nowhere away from family and friends to conduct experiments on boilers in an effort to figure out what went wrong and to try and find a way to make boilers safer.  He needs a secretary to transcribe his atrocious handwriting in his log books in order to submit them to a research institute so the institute will have his knowledge and maybe produce government legislation about boiler safety standards.  Enter Miss Nicole Greyson and his world adjusts with her as his new focus.
Nicole Renard excels at science and math, but has been told that men don’t like that in a woman.  She is the only child of a father who owns a successful steamboat shipping business.  He wishes he had a son to take over the business, and Nicole knows this.  She fears she will always be a disappointment to her father, even though she knows he loves her.  Her father is dying and she must find a husband quickly to be the heir for the shipping business.  She takes her dowry; a bejeweled dagger bequeathed to her family by a famous pirate, to draw the attention of a competing shipping family away from her parents as they claim the dagger belongs in their family, not Nicole’s.  Before her journey to New Orleans to find a husband can start, she is forced to change her plans and is left with no money.  She sees an ad for a secretary and is hired by the grouchy Darius Thornton.
This is a predictable love story, but enjoyable to read nonetheless.  Nicole shows Darius the uselessness of guilt and how it is robbing him of a relationship with God.  Darius becomes her anchor in the storm of the conflict in her life over whether to keep her vow to her father or to choose her heart instead.  I liked Darius’ character that was rough and crusty on the outside, but underneath was a warm and loving heart just waiting for the right woman to give it to.  I also liked how strong Nicole was in her faith at such a young age and in trying circumstances.
My rating is 4 stars.
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