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Title:  Persecuted (Based on a Daniel Lusko Film)
Author:  Robin Parrish
Pages:  317
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Bethany House
John Luther is the head of Truth Ministries.  He is a man whose only goal is to preach the gospel to spread God’s word.  He is based in Washington, D.C. and has political supporters.  When asked by an old friend and politician to back a new bill, John is adamant in his refusal.  This bill goes against what the Bible teaches about the one way to God and would lead people to believe there are multiple paths to God and salvation.  John is diametrically opposed to this and will not agree to support this legislation.  As a result, his life is turned upside down.  He loses his job, his family, his purpose in life of preaching the gospel.  All of this happens because he would not support the bill and remain silent, but instead standing in vocal opposition to the bill.
As the story progresses, John is on the run.  He finds help from an old priest in a downtown church as well as the priest’s assistant.  John is left with two choices:  He either throws himself on the mercy of the police in which case all evidence proving his innocence will likely be buried or he can find the proof of his innocence on his own and bring it to the public’s attention.  John has always been a fighter and refuses to go quietly away.  He will do whatever is necessary to prove his innocence and thereby protecting his wife and daughter by freeing them from guilt by association with him.  Along the way he also realizes he has been spending too much time in the business of ministry and neglecting his wife and daughter.  He vows that if he survives this injustice he will spend more time with his family.
This was a fantastic book!  I read it in a few hours as I couldn’t put it down.  There is plenty of suspense, action, tension and political intrigue for any reader.  If readers think something like this could never happen in the United Stated, then they better think again.  While this is a fictional story, I can easily see this happening in reality.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anti-government, but I can see the evidence of my right to practice Christianity being limited or attacked with ever-growing frequency.  This novel and the film it was based on are a call for Christians in the United States to wake up!  I commend the authors of the book and the maker of the film for being bold and taking a stand for truth at a cost to themselves, for not being silent.  Please get a copy of this book to read for yourself, then pass it along to your friends and encourage everyone to see the film too!
My rating is 5 stars.

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