A Deadly Business

Title:  A Deadly Business (Mia Quinn #2)
Author:  Lis Wiehl with April Henry
Pages:  310 (including excerpt from another book)
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
I have read all of Lis Wiehl’s fiction books and have enjoyed all of them, and this second entry in the Mia Quinn series is no exception.  The story is set in Seattle, Washington.  This time there are two cases being explored at the same time, one officially and one unofficially.
Mia is a prosecutor of violent criminals in Seattle.  She also is a widow for seven months now.  Three teens commit a crime and it is up to Mia to decide whether to charge them as juveniles or adults.  Assigned to work with her on the case is homicide detective Charlie Carlson.  As they begin to question teachers and family members of the teens, more questions are raised than answers provided.  The sole decision for the future of these teens’ lives rests with Mia.  Her boss is up for re-election and has been taking a pounding on being too lenient with criminals.  He has left the decision up to Mia and will support her, but he might lose the election depending on how these teens are tried.  No pressure, right?
Also, Charlie has been looking into the death of Mia’s husband.  Her husband was killed in a one-car accident with alcohol a contributing factor according to the official report.  As Charlie digs deeper, more and more inconsistencies arise.  As Mia is forced to look deeper into her husband’s life, more and more deception is discovered.  Did Mia even really know this man she was married to for so long?  With this poking and prodding, someone becomes uncomfortable and targets Mia. 
I really like Lis’ writing style; it draws me into her stories right away.  There is plenty of action and tension in this legal/detective thriller to keep readers engaged page after page.  I also liked the potential new romantic interests in Mia’s future perhaps.  She also is so relatable to as a working mom, trying to keep her life together as well as the lives of her children, and sometimes failing.  This is a great series so far and I look forward to what happens next in Mia’s life.  Keep up the good work, Lis!
My rating is 5 stars.

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