A Family for Christmas

Title:  A Family for Christmas (Texas Grooms #3)
Author:  Winnie Griggs
Pages:  220
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Love Inspired Historical
Chance Dawson thinks he has the next greatest invention for the housewife.  He has taken a loan out from the bank to make his dream come true.  Now he has learned that his father has taken partial ownership in the bank that holds his loan and is coming to town to check up on his investment as Chance sees it.  Chance has always felt like the black sheep of the family and not capable of living up to his father’s expectations.  He has forged a new life for himself in Turnabout, Texas and considers it his home.  He has taken an interest in Eve Pickering and her young friend Leo.  He has offered them a place to stay with his widow friend Dotty moving in as a chaperone for propriety’s sake.  He sees some of his own insecurities in her and longs to show her how to have some fun in life and not work all the time.  Chance thinks she just might be the woman for him, but what will happen if she discovers his secret?
Eve Pickering is traveling to Tyler, Texas to take a job as an apprentice in a milliner’s shop after her grandmother exiles her from her home in Arkansas.  While on the train, she meets a 10-year-old boy name Leo who turns out to be a stowaway.  He is thrown off the train in Turnabout and Eve just can’t leave him to fend for himself.  She meets Chance and accepts his offer of shelter, temporarily in her mind.  Once she finds a home for Leo, she can go to Tyler and take up her job as her grandmother has told her to.  Chance shows her she can think for herself and her life is her own and not her grandmother’s.  She admires Chance as a gentleman and grows to love him, but what will he think of her when she tells him her secret?
Both Chance and Eve have insecurities instilled in them since childhood that have shaped how they interact with others.  They both have adapted to avoid talking about their past, but when confronted with their feelings for one another, can they let themselves be vulnerable?  This was a sweet love story that was easy to read and good for an afternoon’s entertainment.  The ending is predictable, but the journey to get there is enjoyable and stress free.  I’ve enjoyed this entire series thus far and look forward to the fourth book to round out the series.
My rating is 4 stars.

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