Blind Sight

Title:  Blind Sight
Author:  James H. Pence
Pages:  404
Year:  2003
Publisher:  Tyndale
Thomas Kent is a former pastor, who has given up on life as well as God.  He lost his family in a tragic accident and now just wants to die.  He receives an enigmatic email followed by a very brief phone call with a pleading message to its listener.  Thomas decides he will obey the message from an old acquaintance and heads for the airport to pick up the package as requested.  What he realizes once he arrives at the airport amidst rapidly declining weather is that the package is two children.  Why would his college acquaintance send his children to Thomas?  Thomas has so much guilt and grief about his family’s accident he doesn’t want to deal with these young, 10-year-old, twin children.  As soon as he leaves the airport building, someone approaches the children and tries to take them.  Thomas thwarts that move and soon his world as he has known it is turned upside down.
He discovers someone really is after the children and he must protect them until he gets them to their mother.  He made a pledge while in a Christian group in college to help any member of the group when they faced dire situations.  This one certainly qualifies.  Someone is out to kill these children and he soon learns since he has helped them, he is on the hit list too.  Their mother, Justine, has been in hiding for three years as she tried to expose the religious cult she worked for, which is the same cult that is after the children, as frauds among many other illegal crimes.  How are they even going to find her?  Justine’s husband has sacrificed everything to get his children to safety.  Did he make a wise choice in choosing Thomas?  Thomas is just an ousted pastor.  How can he possibly protect these children from trained mercenaries?  Where is God in all of this?  Thomas has been angry with God for two years.  He rails at God again for allowing innocent children to be hurt.  Can he see God at work in this situation and find his way back to God or will he drown in his bitterness and sorrow? 
Wow!  This action-packed, adrenaline-pumping book grabbed my attention from page one and didn’t let go until the climactic end!  I highly recommend this suspense thriller.  The chapters are short, which keeps the tension ramped up.  The characters are well-defined, and I could relate to them so I was able to easily get involved in the story.  The story is well-written and I thought believable.  I am definitely going to read some of this author’s other books and will review them here.  Don’t miss this great read!
My rating is 5 stars.

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