Counterfeit Lies By Bob Hamer & Oliver North

Title:  Counterfeit Lies
Author:  Oliver North & Bob Hamer
Pages:  336
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Threshold Editions
A couple months back I decided to read a novel written by Bob Hamer called Targets Down.  I ran across the author and his writings while a friend and I looked for novels to read.  Most of the time we are asked to review books for authors or publishing companies, but I felt drawn to read this one.  Both authors have military experience and have gone to great pains to research the latest tale, although most of those who helped couldn’t be named.  When I finished the book, I was reminded how we can be encouraged by the many unknown men and women who live lives on the edge in order to protect this nation.  To them I say thank you and God Bless!
There is so much I could share about the suspense-filled, military, political and mysterious elements that are part and parcel of this tale.  On one hand there is an undercover agent named Jake who has infiltrated a market thought to be about buying and selling many counterfeit products, but it grows into more than either Jake o r the FBI hierarchy are aware.  When the undercover agent gets deeper into dark recesses of the crime syndicate, the tension escalates.  The tension becomes even more palpable when the bureau threatens to pull Jake off the street and operation because of the pressure passed down from other government leaders.
If I say too much it might ruin your enjoyment of discovery as you journey with Jake to uncover the leaders of two rival gangs who run Korea town in L. A.  There is more to the story than just taking down the bad guys such as when Jake wrestles with orders that are contrary to the moral compass within his heart.  Jake is still healing from losing his wife a year earlier and therefore his relationship with the Lord is just becoming alive again when this operation becomes extremely dangerous.
The tale is fast-paced and action-filled from the word go!  I found it hard to put the book down even to give my eyes a rest as I wanted to see how the authors unwound the many layers of the action.  I wanted to find out who the real string-puller was in the story and if he/she was actually calling the shots or if it was one of the characters I was introduced to earlier in the story.  If you love this type of genre where all aspects of action include the political and military side along with a great thrill ride, you won’t want to miss this novel!
I highly recommend Counterfeit Lies and am more than glad I bought it to read.  I’m sure you will be too!
My rating is 5+ stars.

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