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Down and Dead in Even

Title:  Down & Dead in Even (Down & Dead, Inc. Book #2)
Author:  Vicki Hinze
Pages:  52 (electronic)
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Magnolia Leaf Press
I became hooked on this author’s series when the first novel came out titled, Down and Dead in Dixie, which I found to be completely enthralling!  As I checked the author’s website, I saw this short story was coming out soon.  When it became available, I purchased it.  I am not a fan of electronic reading for a couple reasons:  (1) My eyes aren’t able to read for long on any device; (2) I think it unwise to be dependent on a device, and (3) I love the feel of a book in my hands that is always available to read.
In this very short story, readers are introduced to a set of twins who have very different lives and personalities.  Christine is a strong independent woman, successful and single; she is able to face any situation straight up, speaking whatever is on her mind.  Caroline is trapped in an abusive marriage; she has tried unsuccessfully many times to leave her husband only to be brought back and made to pay for leaving.  Finally, Caroline has had enough and with Christine’s help she begins her journey to freedom, safety and healing.
For me, the first novel had so much more tension and adventure whereas this one had a modicum of it.  I think it could have become a much more developed book.  However, I did enjoy Vicki’s tale and the tie-in she makes with the first novel in the series with a few characters from Down and Dead in Dixie.  Readers will appreciate perhaps that it is a fast story and I guarantee you will be left anticipating the next installment in the Down and Dead Series.
My rating is 4 stars.
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